Anti Aging Cream For Healthier Skin

Why is it important to protect your skin from the sun? The ability of skin cells to regenerate decreases with age and all sun exposure. That’s why it is important to enhance anti-aging products with clinically proven to tan safely, but it is equally important to know our skin type.

The elasticity and skin tone are threatened not only by the passing of years, from the weather, pollution, by poor eating habits and strains of everyday life that contribute to skin aging. The first signs of aging shine from the face, the most exposed to environmental influences and which boarders to emerge signs of expression in order to become real annoying wrinkles.


Spending weekends at the beach or in the mountains, it is time to think about the tan. The first golden color makes us feel the most beautiful and healthy, but we are careful, we can not and we must not neglect our skin which is so precious.

In fact, exposure to sunlight can lead to trouble such as burns, rashes, conjunctivitis, and in rare cases even more serious illnesses and unpleasant consequences, such as the aging of the skin, year after year after tanning and tanning, it is more thick, dry, rough (especially in areas of the body most exposed to the morning sun, like the face, hands and neck).

To keep your skin young should adopt Anti-Aging strategies:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet rich in vitamins, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking and engaging in physical activity.
2. Exposure to solar radiation with caution and with appropriate safeguards.
3. Devote special care to the skin of the face. An anti aging cream is a valuable ally for the beauty of the face, preventing the signs of skin aging.

What differentiates an anti aging cream moisturisers and nutrients?

An Anti Aging Cream contains active ingredients that not only moisturise and nourish the skin, improve tone, stimulate cell turnover, prevent and reduce wrinkles. If you get used to using a good anti aging cream ever since the appearance of the first signs of expression, it will provide the necessary support to the skin to fight aging. The anti aging cream, to ensure effectiveness, it should be applied carefully and regularly, every morning and evening on clean skin and exerting a gentle massage that re-activates the circulation.

Thanks to Anti aging skin care product line’s special formulation based on thyroxine (active ingredient that stimulates cell renewal), and vitamin A, actively and effectively counteracts skin aging.
Its beneficial effects are due to the synergistic action of its components. The tetraiodothyronine or thyroxine (present in the product in percentage is also ideal for those who have thyroid problems) and vitamin A, stabilized in a base which facilitates the rapid absorption by the skin and mucous membranes are all components readily absorbed by the skin. Thyroxine acts as a catalyst biological activity of vitamin A and promotes a synergistic effect with the other components, i.e. the effect of the product is higher than the sum of the effects of the individual components.